We believe that everyone has the potential to be an artist, whether they make that their professional practice or not. We are excited by the creativity of everyone in our local community, across London, the country and the world.

The document gives you some detail on how we work with artists in different areas of our programme, from theatre-making to working with our BAC Moving Museum. It covers everything from the kind of work we like to the financial deals we offer.

There is a section towards the end of the document about how you get to work at BAC. Have a read of it.

The key thing at BAC is that relationships between producers at BAC and artists often develop over a period of time and are always based around the BAC producer becoming familiar with an artist’s work and liking it – this usually means them seeing it live, although we also watch work on video because we can’t always make it along.

This document tries to be as honest and as transparent as possible but if you have questions that it doesn’t answer then let us know. The key contact if you have questions to or if want to invite us to see something is:

How can artists work with Battersea Arts Centre?