Our producers play an important role in programming artists at Battersea Arts Centre. We are always looking to start creative conversations with artists in order to develop relationships that lead to residencies. Once we have programmed an artist to be in residence with us, they work alongside one of our producers to develop the work whilst it is in residence with us and beyond.

How We Programme Pack

What do we do?


We work in partnership with resident artists to develop ideas for shows and events that may lead to informal or impromptu Scratch sharings.

How does this relationship develop?

From there we provide ongoing dramaturgical and developmental support, testing the idea more formally in scheduled Scratch sharings.

What about in the long term?

We continue to work with the artist in a creative partnership to explore the best journey for the developed work.

Invite us to see your work

Your key contact for programming enquiries is

We rarely invite an artist to take up a residency on the strength of a proposal alone, even if it comes with a DVD or other materials. We do not read unsolicited scripts. We like to see artists’ work live and develop a relationship with them over a period of time, making sure that the artist and producer are a good fit for each other.

Typically, one of our producers will see a show or workshop by a company at another venue and then start a conversation. So, do what you can to inform us about your work, why you are interested in Battersea Arts Centre and invite us to see performances if opportunities arise. The producers meet every week to go through all invitations and expressions of interest.

If you are not performing or workshopping, and would like to start a conversation with us, please let us know:

1. About your company and/or work

2. Whether you have a specific project that you would like to develop and, if so, a bit about it (max 500 words)

3. Why you feel Battersea Arts Centre is the right place for you

We will consider all expressions of interest and arrange a meeting if we think that your project is something that could be developed here.