4 Apr


Emma Frankland and Myriddin Wannell

12pm - 9.45pm
Part of A Nation's Theatre

A day long procession beginning in Cornwall and wending its way to Battersea Arts Centre.

Artists Emma Frankland and Myriddin Wannell are designing one of three new floors of artist bedrooms and living quarters in Battersea Arts Centre, which will house artists whilst they are developing new shows and performing.

From the arsenic stained cliffs of West Cornwall to the fishing ports of Newlyn, Cornwall has a landscape scarred and moulded by its industry..

These patterns of rust and labour have a unique atmosphere that Emma and Myriddin are evoking in their bedroom design.

Taking inspiration from the water that flooded through the Battersea Arts Centre a year ago, these rooms will have a beautiful rusting quality - the colours of the gorse, the mines and the seas… a vision of Cornwall that is separate from the picture postcards and the world of holiday makers, but exists alongside - both invisible and everywhere.

On the 4th April they will awaken the rooms through song and story with The Pasty’s Progress.. a procession beginning at the Hall for Cornwall in Truro and wending its way to Battersea Arts Centre.

Throughout Cornwall there will be Spring processionals and this newly created ancient ritual will see a band of musicians and performers deliver homemade quilts and a giant pasty (donated by Choak’s of Falmouth) to the Cornish workers who have been transforming these bedrooms.

Follow the pasty’s progress in person or on twitter throughout the day:

#pastysprogress | @battersea_arts

12-1pm - Begin at Lemon Quay outside the Hall for Cornwall where a choir and live band will accompany the Ceremony of the Pasty.

1pm- 1:30pm –The Procession begins

3:15pm Approx – Tune in to see our travellers Crossing the Tamar Bridge, and leaving Cornwall.

7:30pm- The band will process up Lavender Hill, and arrive at Battersea Arts Centre to celebrate the end of their journey playing live in the Town Halls Foyer

9pm - Pausing only for a pint, the procession will make its way to the bedrooms where they will awaken the rooms with a ritual; conveying their purpose with music and story.

Designed by Emma Frankland and Myriddin Wannell. Sound Design by Ciaran Clarke. Music by Seamas Carey. Scenic Art by Amy Pitt. Quilts made by Kirsty Harris. Illustration by Lou Tonkin.