We explore heritage through theatre, sharing memories in live shows and moving audiences by bringing stories of real events to life.

We work with artists and audiences to develop new productions that find inspiration in the heritage of our building, the borough and beyond. 

Some of our previous productions presented by the Moving Museum:

London Stories: Made by Migrants was a building wide exhibition of oral history that engaged with the ongoing public conversation about migration. In November 2016, 29 storytellers from 6 different continents shared their personal stories of making London their home, from moving for work or love to fleeing war and persecution. Our building was transformed into a museum of memories, anecdotes and personal artefacts that shone a light on London's history of migration. 

In December 2015, Town Hall Cherubs celebrated the rich history of our building in a magical interactive show for 2-5 year olds. If you look upwards about the staircase in our foyer in each corner you'll see cherubs sitting proudly on the ornate ceiling. Fallen from his place in the sky, a sleepy cherub took children on a quest to find his way home through Battersea Arts Centre's beautiful old rooms,showing them what makes this old Town Hall so magical. 

Return To Elm House was a Moving Museum production for December 2018, celebrating the fascinating life and story of Jeanie Nassau Senior, a social pioneer and Britain’s first female civil servant. Featuring magical trails, ingenious installations and original music, this heart-warming show again took audiences of all ages through our building, discovering artworks based on the core values of our community.