We are looking for partners to help build a new national and international network to explore the role which producers, cultural organisations and artists can play to co-create change with community partners. The background to this callout is described in this blog by David Jubb, Artistic Director of Battersea Arts Centre.

There are various ideas for what the network might involve. These include:

  • Practical events to exchange knowledge, develop skills and community partnerships
  • Commissions for co-creating change, originally conceived as 10 commissions x £12,000
  • Subject to funding, further commissioning to grow and spread good ideas in new territories
  • An annual sharing and market place for national and international partners


Arts Council England is supporting the network through their Ambition for Excellence Fund. We have been working closely with Gulbenkian Foundation as a founding partner for the network, and we are exploring connections with Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Young Foundation. This is not all about funding the network but about developing a dialogue with funders about how ideas which grow out of the network could be spread.  To this end we have also been working with the British Council. We are seeking to work with the right University research teams and are keen to involve cultural critics and writers as part of the wider network. 

Sector Partners

We have had great conversations with lots of organisations and practitioners who are working in this territory. We are interested in connecting with people working across the arts and museums sector and beyond. We hope there will be strong interest in joining the network - we are looking for between 20 and 40 partners who might be producers, organisations or artists. 

Expressions of Interest

If you are interested in being a part of the network, please complete the Expression of Interest Questions by 31 May 2018. Alternatively, you can send us a video if you prefer that format. 

We are playing a curatorial role to bring together the network from this call out. We will be in touch in early June to let you know the outcome of the process. If you have been invited to be part of the network we will invite you to an initial gathering in July 2018 to co-develop the ideas and future process for the network. 

Please note - thanks to individuals and organisations who have got in touch so far - we have had some great conversations and feedback. The network will evolve through conversation, it is an iterative thing, so we will update this webpage by the end of April with further information about the network and how it might work. If you would like to be kept up to date on when we update the information, please email