28-31 May

Scratch Nights

Various Artists

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Scratch Nights are an opportunity for artists we have a relationship with to test out new ideas at a very early stage of their development. Each night will be curated by a different member of the Battersea Arts Centre producing team. 4-5 artists will present up to 10 minutes of material - then you can give your feedback, either in writing  or by talking to the artists in the Scratch Bar. You, the audience, have a critical role in deciding the future of these exciting new ideas.

Tue 28 May
Lasana Shabazz
“When did my story become a brown mythology?..Categorised and archived before my birth.”
Unicorns tells the story of what it is be queer person of colour in the LGBTQ+ community where recurring narratives are erased throughout history.
Jamal Harewood 
6 rows, 4 colours - do you have the moves to dominate a champion?
Eugénie Pastor
What does it means when trauma can't be spoken about because there are no words to make it visible? How does it alter the brain, where does it remain in the body? How do we continue to function, as a society, when dealing with invisible layers of trauma? How does it affect the way we are with one another? With oneself?

Jo Tyabji
Punching fascists in the face through the medium of drag. Motherland is a visceral work of barely voice-able anger, built on a foundation of found sound, interviews, speeches and interventions given physical form in a lip-synced, full bodied dragged up howl.

Wed 29 May
Parishma Patani
Non-Binary Spoken Word artist Parishma asks why our performance of gender is used to debate our existence.
Rebecca O’Brien
Meet Hannah Snell. We've been waiting two centuries to hear her story. One woman disguises as a man, joins the Royal Marines, and gets away with it too. But did she really do it all to find her missing husband? 
Cherry Eckel
Cherry is a 17 year old aspiring actor, theatre maker, and all-around creative from South West London. Bedroom Floor is a play about self-image and her experience as a teenager, and how that is affected by social media.
Typhaine and Virginia
The themes that we explore are manipulation & vulnerability in power-shifts between performers and audiences; playfulness with the idea of social statues on stage; and relationships between women (sisterhood, motherhood, love or competition). 

Thu 30 May
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Fri 31 May
Levantes Dance Theatre
Exploring how people act individually and with others in extreme circumstances. Playing with our modern, morbid fascination with True Crime stories, the boundary between the reality of horrible crimes, and the glamorisation and exploitation of these stories.
Niquelle LaTouche
“ I rather go hungry than eat these words. Spitting out and biting the hand. I’m not fuelling parts that don’t deserve food.” Neg(ate) is an autobiographical solo fusing poetry, music and choreography. The piece explores language that constructs identity.

Running Time: 90 mins




Step-Free Access
This event takes place on the first floor of our building, which can be reached via a lift. There is step-free access to Scratch Bar and ground floor public spaces. There are accessible toilet facilities across the building.

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