A Strange Trail

Greg Wohead

Object design by Tim Spooner

Celebrate the weird and the wonderful in this trail, curated by artist Greg Wohead, and informed by conversations with Jeanne Rathbone, a long-time local Battersea resident, advocate of the area’s radical history and sometime stand up comedian.

From progressive politics, to film stars, to unusual instruments. Choose a companion to wear around your neck, who will accompany you on this journey. Your grasp of the building and its values forms alongside Greg’s, as he discusses with Jeanne forgotten parts of history.

No booking required, visit our Welcome Desk between 11am - 8:30pm Tuesday - Saturday to experience A Strange Trail. 

There are multiple accessibility options available for this trail. Please contact the box office to discuss further.

Running time: 40 mins


Step-Free Access

This event takes place over 3 floors of our building, and will direct all participants to travel via a lift. 

Sensory Access

All the artworks have been designed with different sensory access in mind. The artworks are interactive so you can listen to them, look at them and touch them.

Audio-Free Access

This is designed as an audio tour, but there is a printed text version of the audio script available that can be used instead of the audio.

Blind or Visually Impaired Access

Whilst A Strange Trail is very accessible to to blind and visually impaired visitors, navigating your way through the building would prove challenging. We can therefore provide a headphone splitter, to enable visitors to experience the trail with a friend as a guide.

Further Information
Please visit our Access Page for more information.