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Cracked Light

Booking for families

11am, 1:30pm & 3:30pm
Every Saturday


Letters are like time machines – you seal them up and when you open them again, they can transport you back to the time they were written. A mysterious letter, penned during World War 1, has been found – but lots of it has been censored. Can you unlock the past and solve the mystery of what messages the great and good of Battersea might have for us?

Keep your eyes and ears open in this interactive trail around Battersea Arts Centre to experience the rich history that this building holds, dating back to when it was used as Battersea Town Hall. Along the way you will solve puzzles, see newly created artworks and learn about four former residents of Battersea and how they played a part in our history.

For KS2 groups or equivalent. Book one ticket for your whole group (max. 33 people)

Click here to view downloadable Heritage learning resources which can accompany this trail

To book your school into a free trail call our box office team on 020 7223 2223

Designed by Cracked Light

Duration: 90 mins


Step-Free Access

This event takes place over 3 floors of our building, and will direct all participants to travel via a lift. 

Sensory Access

All the artworks have been designed with different sensory access in mind. The artworks are interactive so you can listen to them, look at them and touch them.

Audio-Free Access

This is designed as an audio tour, but there is a printed text version of the audio script available that can be used instead of the audio.

Blind or Visually Impaired Access

Whilst our trails are very accessible to to blind and visually impaired visitors, navigating your way through the building would prove challenging. We can therefore provide a headphone splitter, to enable visitors to experience the trail with a friend as a guide.

Further Information
Please visit our Access Page for more information.