19 - 23 Aug


10am - 6pm


This August, Battersea Arts Centre is offering three, week long, Summer Residencies to develop the ideas of young people we’ve worked with in the past. Whether you’ve been a part of Homegrown Company, Beatbox Academy, Young Producers or the Agency, if you have a creative idea you want to try out we’d love to hear about it!

A ‘residency’ is time when you can use a rehearsal space to create or develop an idea or piece of work on your own.

These Summer Residencies will offer the chance to curate, develop and test new ideas over a week and end with a Scratch that will be shared with other residents. You will have some contact time with an artist facilitator but to get the most out of the week you should feel ready to make work without much guidance.

This opportunity will suit someone who

- Already has a creative idea they want to develop

- Is confident in their ability to work independently

- Wants to Scratch an idea in its early stages, for feedback from peers

- Is able to give constructive peer feedback on other resident’s Scratches

Residency spaces will be available from Monday 19 – Friday 23 August, 10am – 6pm. The expectation is that residents will use the space during this time and share their scratches on the Friday evening from 6:30pm.

Residencies are open to all previous participants who are 18- 29 (or 16+ with permission from a parent/guardian). 

The deadline to apply is Thursday 25 July.