A Battersea Arts Centre and Gaby Porter Partnership

Creative Museums is a research and development programme for six museum

The participating museums will use a process called Scratch, developed by Battersea Arts Centre, to build lively programmes and venues which enrich the experience for visitors, directly and creatively involve their audiences, tackle challenges and generate new business opportunities.

Creative Museums - What's Involved?

This 18 month programme runs October 2015 – March 2017 and involves a number of stages including workshops and masterclasses with a range of heritage, performance and arts specialists.

The museums are partnered with a creative producer to plan and realise collaborative creative projects in their venue. They also share practice with other museums, producers and artists, exchanging skills, ideas and processes.

“Museums have never faced greater challenges than today – to define new purpose and roles in an ever faster changing world, to compete for people’s attention and loyalty, and with public funding for culture dwindling.  Museums have to find new ways to play the long game – caring for collections and sites – while building new audiences to sustain their futures.  Creative Museums is a wonderful opportunity for some museums to shape a new future.”

Michael Day, CEO Historic Royal Palaces and Chair, Battersea Arts Centre

Who's Involved?

Brent Museum and Archives
Brent Museum has been collecting material about the history of Brent for over 50 years and we have over 10,000 objects in our collection. We are interested in exploring how we can take the museum and archives out, as well as bring people in, and how we can reinvent our heritage service in the process.

Leominster Museum
Leominster Museum tells the story of Leominster and its people from pre Roman times to the present day. We hope Creative Museums will help us to focus on the possible, benefit from the good practice of others, develop our audiences, and leave a stronger and more sustainable organisation for future volunteers.

Manchester Jewish Museum,
Manchester Jewish Museum is the only UK Jewish Museum outside London and is housed in Manchester’s oldest surviving synagogue. We’re currently working on a major capital project and believe the Creative Museum's programme will strengthen this work, enabling us to experiment and take new risks in what we do and how we do it.
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Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery
Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery is a free museum located in the beautiful grounds of Riversley Park, offering an engaging programme of exhibitions, events and activities. We think the programme and particularly the Scratch technique enables a playful approach to learning and development which will strengthen the bond between the institution and its users.

Scarborough Museums Trust
Scarborough Museums Trust is comprised of Scarborough Art Gallery and the Rotunda Museum, which is home to a fascinating collection that includes a unique Bronze Age skeleton. Creative Museums gives us an opportunity to ask people how we can make things they believe are for them, while engaging them with the process. 
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Swindon Museum and Art Gallery
The aim of Swindon Museum and Art Gallery is to safeguard, enhance, exhibit and celebrate Swindon’s collections for visitors, now and in the future. We are excited to take part in something that invites creativity, stimulates learning and enables us to test new approaches, yet is grounded in reality and tailored to meet our needs. 
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